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We have an exciting range of pre-selected buffet menus available to cater to your guests' needs for your special event. With a variety of options to choose from, you can make your event a memorable one. Please note we have a $2500.00 food minimum for all events. The following pricing does not include staffing, tax or gratuities. Please contact us for custom quote for staffing, rentals and or custom menus


$4.00 Per Person

-Chips and Pico or Rojo Salsa or Salsa Verde

-Southwest Chicken Taquitos, jalapeno crème

-Sweet Buttermilk biscuits with Strawberry Chutney or savory sausage gravy


$5.00 Per Person

 -Sausage cheese stuffed mushrooms
-Chorizo queso dip, Pico de Gallo, chips

-Chicken bites, peanut sauce

-Deep fried hot wings, barbeque or hot sauce

-Fried Brussel sprouts with Candy Bacon and Apple chutney

 -Deviled eggs, chipotle barbecue, crackle duck Confit

-Beef sliders, garlic aioli, bourson cheese

-Fried chicken sliders, chipotle mayo, pickles

-Thai Chicken Flatbread with Peanut sauce, peppers, green onion,

-Fried Meatballs, garlic bread

-pork belly bites, jalapeno orange glaze

-Fried cheese raviolis, marinara

-Roasted pork flatbread, alfredo, pineapple, peppers

-Mini fried chicken with Belgium waffles and maple syrup

-Hush Puppies and chipotle aioli

-Corn fritter balls, corn cream sauce

-Fried Cauliflower bites with sweet chili aioli or Curry cream

$6.00 Per Person

-Steak bites, jalapeño cilantro aioli, Chimichurri, potatoes
-Roasted mushroom flatbread, garlic, truffle, parmesan

-Chicken skewers with Asian glaze, pineapple and peppers

-Goat cheese balls, curry cream or marinara

-Shrimp skewers with chimichurri

-Calamari, lemon aioli

-Fried Baby back ribs, huckleberry BBQ 

-Fried Cajun ribs, Chipotle Butter

-Diablo prawns, Cajun cream, bread

-Bacon mac and cheese bites

-Meat and Cheese board

-Fresh fruit & cheese board

-Southwest quesadillas, poblano crème, shredded chicken, pork, or chorizo, cheese, Guacamole   

$7.00 Per Person

-Duck bruschetta, goat cheese, caramelized onions 

-Shrimp with Thai Curry honey cream sauce, baguette bread, Pico

 -Pork Empanadas, chipotle crème

$8.00 Per Person

-Crab dip, bruschetta bread, Pico da Gallo 

-Crab cakes, paprika lemon aioli,

-Lobster sliders, garlic lemon aioli

-Blackened scallops with lemon champagne sauce mango pineapple salsa 


1 salad 2 sides and 1 entrée is $29 per person

1 salad, 2 sides and 2 entrees is $39 per person

1 salad 2 sides and 3 entrees is $50 per person

1 salad 3 sides and 3 entrees is $55 per person



-Tri colored roasted beets, pine nuts, spring mix, goat cheese, lemon basil dressing  

-Caesar salad, garlic pepper dressing, parmesan, croutons

-Spring mix, candy pecans, strawberries, cream cheese fritters, raspberry balsamic reduction 

-Crab and avocado salad, Pico da Gallo, roasted pepper coulis +$5pp

-spring mix, apples, pears, dried cherries, walnuts, gorgonzola or goat cheese, apple balsamic dressing 

-wedge salad, ranch, bacon, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs,

-kale and quinoa salad, goat cheese, peppers, butternut squash, toasted almonds, honey Dijon dressing  

-fried kale, apples, cranberries, honey lemon dressing, toasted pumpkin seeds, spinach, arugula

-Thai sesame ginger salad, mandarin oranges, peppers, red cabbage, Thai noodles, shredded chicken, peanuts or cashews, Sesame soy ginger glaze   (+$3.00)


-White cheddar jalapeno Mac and cheese

-Mac and cheese (add chorizo, brisket or pork +$4.00)

-Cheesy Garlic mashed potatoes

-Roasted garlic and herb mashed potatoes
-Roasted Seasonal vegetables
-Bacon honey Brussels

-Roasted broccoli
-Creamed corn with bourson cheese and peppers
-Chipotle butter corn
-Roasted garlic fingerling potatoes
-Herb marinated Yukon smash potatoes
-Honey corn bread
-Roasted garlic asparagus

-coconut sticky rice

-Duck fat fries

-Truffle fries, lemon aioli

-Panko onion rings, Chipotle aioli (+$3.00)  

-cheesy risotto 

-lobster mash potatoes +$4PP

-Truffle parmesan fried potatoes with herbs 

-crab mac and cheese +$4PP

-lobster mac and cheese +$5PP

-duck confit fried rice +$3PP

-Roasted root vegetables

-corn on the cob with herb butter and queso fresco 

-Spanish rice

-garlic bread focaccia bites

-Roasted various mushrooms with truffle oil +$3.00



 -Shredded beef and potato stew, puff pastry topping

-Chicken breasts, chicken jus cream
-Cumin Garlic marinated pork tenderloin, Apple balsamic glaze
-BBQ spiced pork ribs, and huckleberry BBQ sauce
-Ground beef lasagna, Mozzarella, marinara
-Fettuccine with blackened chicken

-Chicken parmesan, marinara, mozzarella
-Chicken piccata, lemon cream, capers

-Mushroom risotto, parmesan, butter, herbs 
-seared salmon, lemon cream sauce 
-Garlic butter prawns, linguini pasta   

-Fried chicken, honey hot sauce

-Spaghetti with meatballs or sausage

-Stuffed Chicken parmesan, marinara, baked cheese goodness

-Stuffed meat or vegetarian lasagna, béchamel, marinara

-Baked Eggplant parmesan, fresh mozzarella, spicy tomato sauce

-Sausage and peppers gnocchi, pesto cream

-Cheese raviolis, Alfredo, sun dried tomatoes

-Shredded pork Enchiladas, Habanero Tomato cream sauce with pineapple slaw

-Stuffed prawn enchiladas, guajillo cream sauce, pineapple salsa

-Roasted Vegetable enchiladas, with tomatillo salsa

-Shredded pork fajitas, tortillas, guacamole, tomato salsa

-Marinated Flank Steak, chimichurri sauce



$8 more per person

-Garlic prawns, Alfredo sauce, Pappardelle pasta, Pico da Gallo 

-honey sesame prawns, Coconut rice

-Top Sirloin, Demi sauce  

-Duck confit legs, mojo cilantro sauce,

-Five spice duck breasts, huckleberry Demi

-lamb ragout, gnocchi, Demi sauce, Onions, carrots    


 $9 more per person

-New York steaks, chipotle butter or herb butter or demi 

-pan seared halibut, garlic butter cream sauce or lemon beurre blanc  

-lobster ravioli, saffron cream sauce, tomato salsa 

-Baked crab salmon, lemon cream,

-Braised Short ribs with Peppercorn demi sauce or Asian glaze

-Crab Cakes, pineapple salsa, lemon garlic aioli,  

-Seafood Pasta, lobster cream sauce, Shrimp, Crab, Pico Da Gallo


 $10 more per person

-Blackened scallops, pineapple salsa, lemon beurre blanc 

-Peppercorn ribeye's with peppercorn demi  

-Chilean sea bass, lemon beurre blanc, pineapple salsa, 

-filet mignon, peppercorn demi 

-Lobster pie with puff pastry with potatoes and vegetables, lobster cream sauce  


$20 for One Proteins

$22 for Two Proteins

$25 for Three Proteins 

Served with flour and corn tortillas, sour cream, limes and lettuce 



Shredded beef

Braised Short rib (+$4.00)

Marinated  steak, 

Buttermilk fried shrimp

Blackened halibut(+$4.00)

Chili rub pork shoulder

Taco seasoned ground beef

Barbeque pork ribs

Marinated chicken 

Roasted vegetables


Chimichurri Braised Pork 

Tofu Marinated 


Salsas and Sauces (Pick Two)


Avocado cilantro creme 

Jalapeno cilantro crème 

Roasted tomato chipotle 

Roasted habanero tomato cream 


Queso dip  

Pineapple salsa 

Mango jalapeno salsa 


Pico de Gallo 

Corn and chili salsa 

Verde salsa 

Al pastor (pineapple, dried chilis, onions, and cilantro) 


Cheeses (Pick One)

Monterey jack

Pepper jack 

White cheddar 

Colby jack 


Add on rice and beans for an additional $4.00 per person  

Additional sauce or salsa is $3.50 per person



Comes with truffle Roasted Potatoes 

Cubano, Braised Pork, Bacon, Ham, jalapeno mayo, mustard, Pickles, Pepper jack cheese,

baguette bread $20 

Chicken bacon pesto, pepper jack cheese, roasted tomato's  $18

Grilled cheese, bacon or pork belly, arugula, pesto mayo $17

Heirloom tomato, basil, mozzarella, marinara or garlic mayo, focaccia bread $18

Philly steak, sliced ribeye, peppers and onions, garlic mayo, provolone, baguette bread $22


Vegetarian/Vegan (Some entrees can be made vegan) 

Vegetarian pasta, tofu, marinara or alfredo, seasonal vegetables $17

Vegetarian pot pie, carrots, onions, potato's, vegetable broth, puff pastry $18

Eggplant parmesan, mozzarella, marinara, fettucine $20

Vegetables enchiladas, chili Verde sauce or Rojo sauce $18

Vegetarian Chili, black beans, tomato, textured proteins, or jackfruit, onions, $16

zucchini fritter sandwich, garlic mayo, baguette bread $15

Ratatouille , Tomato's, squash, herbs, zucchini, eggplant  $16

Vegetarian risotto, seasonal vegetables, vegan cheese or parmesan, vegan butter $19


$34.95 Per person

Includes croissants/muffins, pastries, fruit and roasted potatoes 

(Choose one) 

Braised Pork and Potato empanadas 

Meat and Cheese board 

mini various quiches 

little smokies and andouille sausage with BBQ

Steak Bites, chimichurri  

Biscuits with Fresh Jam

Candied Bacon 

Braised pork belly bites, orange jalapeno sauce 

(Choose One)

Pork or chorizo Migas, Chipotle crème, Guacamole, eggs, cheese  

Steak and Scrambled eggs

Biscuits and Gravy

Brioche French toast, Creme Angliase 

Swedish pancakes, lingonberry sauce 

Chicken Chiliquiles with salsa verde, queso fresco, Tortillas

Banana Bread French Toast (+$2.00 per person)

Brisket and Eggs

Pork Belly with fried rice and eggs 


$28.95 per person

Served with Dinner Rolls and Butter


Side Dishes (Pick two)

· Cheesy mash potatoes,

· BBQ beans

· Pineapple Jalapeno coleslaw

· roasted herbed fingerlings

· roasted sweet chipotle corn

· Chili Butter and queso fresco on top of corn on the cob

· Potato salad

· mac and cheese (add sausage or chorizo for $3 per person)

· sweet corn bread muffins

· chicken wings with various sauces

· andouille sausage links with BBQ

· fried green beans


Main course (Pick two)

· roasted chicken thighs with Korean BBQ

· pulled pork with BBQ

· pulled pork with cilantro jalapeno sauce

· brisket with BBQ

· pulled chicken with BBQ

· fried chicken (+3.00 per person)

· pork back ribs with sweet or spicy BBQ· ST louis' ribs with sweet or spicy BBQ


$45.00 Per Person ​

​Appetizers ​(Choose one)

Fried Pork Belly, Mango Peach Ginger sweet chutney, Lemon Thai basil arugula salad 

Diablo shrimp, shrimp and lobster stock, butter, cream, creole seasoning, bread 

Fried pork ribs with Sweet chili rum sauce 

fried crab balls, with remoulade  

Fried chicken sliders, Bourson cheese, Jalapeno crème, 

Pork belly mac and cheese balls 

Louisiana rub chicken wings, sweet tangy sauce 


​Sides (Choose two)

Baked Macaroni and cheese (+$4 add brisket, andouille sausage or Shredded pork) 

Collard greens, ham hock, pancetta, onions 

crispy sweet potatoes with Glazed brown sugar bacon 

Sweet Biscuits with house made Strawberry Jam, Whipped cream and sugar  

Sweet corn bread with Hot Honey 

savory corn bread with red bell peppers and roasted chilis 

savory biscuits with Cheese (add +$5 for Crab Dip, Chorizo or Italian sausage )

Hush Puppies 

Lobster mash potatoes, lobster bisque 

Shrimp and grits 

Cajun fried potatoes with peppers and onions 

Cajun Chicken fried rice, sweet peppers, sesame 

Entrees (Choose Two)

Fried catfish, remoulade 

Pork chops, caramelized onion and apple chutney 

Jambalaya, Shrimp, andouille sausage 

Tagliatelle pasta, Creole cream, shrimp, crab, potatoes, 

Seasonal Salmon, gnocchi, corn succotash, Bacon, bell peppers, Pesto 

Fried Chicken strips, hot honey 

Fish and Chips, house tartar 

Crab Legs, drawn creole butter (+$8)

Cajun Gumbo, sausage, shrimp, chicken, 

Braised short rib pot pie with potatoes, carrots, onions, in puff pastry crust 


$49.95 per person 

All Dishes come with either Fried rice or Coconut sticky rice as well as Bok Choy or Broccoli 

Appetizers (Pick Two)

· Pork dumplings with soy glaze 

· Pork or Chicken Samosa, Sweet chili Siracha crème  

·Chicken or Pork Satays with Peanut Sauce or Asian glaze 

·Chicken or Beef or lamb skewers with pineapple and Asian sweet soy glaze 

·Crab wontons, sweet Chili glaze  

·Pork Belly lettuce wraps, sweet chili garlic sauce 

·Pork or Beef Cabbage and Potato Pancakes, sweet soy glaze 

·Honey Sesame chicken​

·Curry prawns, with coconut curry cream, baguette bread  

·Sticky chicken wings  


Main Course (Pick Two)

All Dishes come with either Fried rice or Coconut sticky rice as well as Bok Choy or Broccoli 

·Shredded short ribs with Asian glaze 

·Chicken or Beef Pad Thai 

·Chicken or Beef Pad see WU

·Beijing Beef with peppers and onions 

·Sticky Ribs sweet soy glaze 

·Thai Chicken or beef curry with vegetables 

·Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl 

·Thai Cashew Chicken 

·Mongolian beef 

·Schezwan beef 

·Chicken Asado 

·General Tsos Beef or Chicken


$42.95 Per person

Served with Dinner Rolls and Butter or garlic bread


Appetizers (Pick two)

-Tomato salsa bruschetta with balsamic glaze

-Olive oil and roasted garlic focaccia bites

-Prawn manicottis in a creamy garlic Alfredo sauce

-Baked goat cheese fritters, spicy marinara

-fried raviolis, marinara

-Buttermilk Fried calamari with a sweet chili mayo

-Stuffed mini meatballs and marinara

-Spinach artichoke dip, bread

-pork and peppers flatbread, alfredo, caramelized onions

-margherita flatbread, roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella

-Shrimp diablo, Cajun cream, baguette bread


Salads (pick one)

-Wedge/Iceberg, Tomatoes, Hard-Boiled Egg, Blue Cheese, Smoked Bacon, Blue Cheese Dressing

-Chopped/Smoked Bacon, Tomatoes, Avocado, Blue Cheese, creamy chipotle dressing

-Italian/Olives, Red Onions, Tomatoes, Pepperoncini, Garlic Croutons, parmesan, Italian Vinaigrette.

-Caesar salad Grated Parmesan & Garlic Croutons.

-kale and quinoa salad, goat cheese, peppers, butternut squash, toasted almonds, honey Dijon dressing

-fried kale, apples, cranberries, honey lemon dressing, toasted pumpkin seeds, spinach, arugula

-spring mix, candy pecans, cream cheese fritters, raspberry balsamic dressing


Main Course (Pick Two)

-Fettucine shrimp or chicken Alfredo

-Stuffed Chicken parmesan, marinara, baked cheese goodness

-Lobster raviolis in a creamy saffron sauce, Tomato salsa

-Stuffed meat or vegetarian lasagna, béchamel, marinara

-Baked Eggplant parmesan, fresh mozzarella, spicy tomato sauce

-Smoked chicken tortellini, roasted red peppers

-Pan seared chicken breast, amaretto cherry cream sauce

-Chicken piccata, caper lemon cream

-Sausage and peppers gnocchi, pesto cream

-Olive oil angel hair, stuffed olives, capers, garlic, butter

-Cheese raviolis, Alfredo, roasted peppers

-Chicken pesto sandwich, pesto aioli

-Lamb Bolognese, Tagliatelle pasta or pappardelle

-Spaghetti with sausage or meatballs,

-Baked rigatoni pasta, sausage and meatballs, caramelized onions, alfredo

-Baked salmon with lemon cream sauce

-Top sirloin with herb butter sauce

-Baked mac and cheese with bacon or Italian sausage


(Can be portioned smaller and added to any menus for $5-$8 per person) 

  • Tiramisu, cocoa dust, whipped cream $10

  • Irish Crème, Coconut Pecan Bread pudding, whipped cream, Butterscotch Carmel ice cream, crème Anglaise $12

  • Roasted Apple Empanadas covered in butter, cinnamon sugar mix, crème Anglaise, Huckleberry cheesecake ice cream $13

  • Lemon Curd Crème brulee, orange sugar, Lemon ginger sorbet, lingonberry sauce  $13

  • Carrot Cake, cream cheese frosting, vanilla bean ice cream, Carmel $11

  • Apple cobbler, pecan ice cream, Carmel sauce $11

  • Banana bread brioche French toast, Huckleberry syrup, Whipped cream, Berries $13

  • Beignets, powdered sugar, Whipped cream $10

  • Mocktails $4-$6 each per person  

  • Huckleberry lemonade 

  • Thai Basil, Blood orange with club soda 

  • Marionberry lemonade 

  • White Peach with ginger and ginger beer 

  • Wild Cherry limeade with amaretto cherry and Sprite 

  • Caramelized pineapple puree with Pineapple soda and Basil 

  • Passionfruit lychee With 7 up 

  • Prickly Pear lemonade with lavender  

Minimum Food and Beverage of $2500 Applies

Taxes and Gratuity not included 

Eating undercooked foods such as Raw fish, eggs, or other proteins may increase your risk of food borne illness

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