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*Must be booked March 1st 2024

*100 person Minimum

*Complementary Plates and flatware for up to 100 people 

$35.00 per person

1 Appetizer, 1 salad, 2 sides and 2 entrees

Appetizers (Choose one) 

-Steak bites, jalapeño cilantro aioli, Chimichurri
-Chorizo queso dip, Pico de Gallo, chips

-Chicken bites, peanut sauce
-Beef sliders, garlic aioli, bourson cheese
-Roasted pork flatbread, peppers, alfredo, pineapple 
-Roasted mushroom flatbread, truffle, parmesan, garlic 

-Crab dip, bruschetta bread

-fried pork bites, chipotle peanut sauce

-pork belly bites, jalapeno orange glaze  


Salads (Choose one) 

-Tri colored roasted beets, pine nuts, spring mix, goat cheese, lemon basil dressing 

-Caesar salad, garlic pepper dressing, parmesan, croutons

-Spring mix, candy pecans, strawberries, cream cheese fritters, raspberry balsamic reduction 

mixed green salad, apples, pears, pecans, Apple balsamic dressing 

Sides (Choose two) 

-Cheesy mash
-White cheddar Mac and cheese
-Bacon honey Brussels
-Roasted broccoli

-Creamed corn
-Chipotle butter corn
-Roasted garlic fingerling potatoes
-Herb marinated Yukon smash potatoes

-Honey corn bread
-Roasted garlic asparagus

-cheesy risotto 

Entrees (Choose two) 

-Spicy beef pad Thai, and vegetables

-Chicken breasts and thighs, chicken jus cream
-Cumin Garlic marinated pork tenderloin, balsamic apple chutney 
-BBQ spiced pork ribs, and huckleberry BBQ sauce

-Ground beef lasagna
-Fettuccine blackened chicken, Roasted tomatoes and peppers  

-Chicken parmesan, marinara, mozzarella
-Chicken piccata, lemon cream

-Mushroom Risotto, parmesan 

-Shrimp scampi, tomato garlic butter sauce
-Seared Salmon, lemon cream sauce 
-Garlic prawns, Alfredo sauce, cheese ravioli

-Fried chicken, honey hot sauce

-flank steak, Chimichurri 

-duck legs, dried cherry pear compote  

Shredded pork Enchiladas, Habanero Tomato cream sauce with pineapple slaw

-Stuffed prawn enchiladas, guajillo cream sauce, pineapple salsa

-Roasted Vegetable enchiladas, with tomatillo salsa

-Shredded pork fajitas, tortillas, guacamole, tomato salsa

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